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Find the best car key replacement locksmiths in London for when you have lost you car keys and need a new one.


Find the best car key duplication locksmiths in London for when you only have one key and need a new thats works perfectly. ​

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Find the best car opening locksmiths in London for when your keys are locked inside your car and it needs opening.

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Lost Keys

Anybody who has owned a motor vehicle has at some occasion or another misplaced or lost their car keys and you know that it typically happens at the most annoying possible moment – when you’re in a serious hurry! Please do not begin to freak out! All you need to do is look up London Auto Locksmiths and with one phone call, our team will be there in in no time at all in order to replace your car key swiftly.

Our team have the ability to quickly open the car for you by putting to use our advanced no damage entry methods, cut you a brand-new car key and program it to ensure it works just like the old one did. This service even includes remote keys and smart keys. In addition to this, our experts may at the same time delete or block the old key code so that it won’t work ever again.

Don’t despair in the event that you’ve been informed that only a major car dealership can do the task, or it can’t be made without any a key code or a security code. By using our tools our team have the ability to produce car keys that other people can’t, even if every one of your car keys have gone missing, or it is a ”special order” vehicle key.

What You Should Do Whilst Waiting For Emergency Car Locksmith Services

There are a couple of useful things that you should do while you wait for one of our highly trained car locksmiths to show up.

Finding Out What Kind Of Keys You Have Misplaced

In the past, what kind of key you had was usually a very simple question. You simply just owned a conventional car key whose grooves corresponded to the lock of your car. However, these days, keys are not generic and you need to be certain what sort of key you have, to ensure that our service technicians may swiftly and successfully replace your car keys. Supplying us with this specific helpful information while on the call will help us take action in a more efficient manner.

1. Transponder key: Your car manufacturer provides you with programmed transponder keys paired with a remote for keyless unlocking. The benefit is that these keys come with high security capabilities; the disadvantage is that they’re without a doubt more challenging to replicate.

2. Smart keys: These are a class above transponder car keys and come with numerous benefits. They are exceptionally secure because they feature changing security codes as opposed to pre-set codes to prevent break-ins. Replacement of these is more expensive than a more traditional key, but our economical auto locksmith services can provide this at a bargain price for you.

3. Standard vehicle keys: These are the very best to misplace, for the reason that they are the easiest to replace! The explanation being that the digital method to locking is absent in these car key types.

Gather Up Details About The Car

This includes things like:

– The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
– The model and make.
– The year of the automobile.

These details may all be located in the registration documentation or even the the insurance policy relating to the vehicle.

Once you have these, sit back and take it easy and our vehicle locksmith professional will be with you on a high priority basis.